Hörbuch: Hast Thou been working?

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Hast Thou been working?

1 - Italian - Hai lavorato?





Multilingual Monthly Poetry Project is a project oriented to gather multiple translations and multiple contributions of one chosen poem for the current month. Welcome to the world of interpretations! While dreaming about love, the young poetess tells us what type of man she chooses as her lover: it won't be a wealthy bachelor who has never worked in his life and spends his days with cards and booze, but a man, whose chest is burning with the fire of ardor and perseverance. Poem of September, 2022 - "Hast Thou been working?" by Ada Negri. Language of origin: Italian, "Hai lavorato?". (Summary by Anastasiia Solokha) **Contents**: Italian (Hai lavorato?) 01-02 original poem by Ada Negri English (Hast Thou been working?) 03-04 translated by Adelheid Maria von Blomberg French (As-tu travaillé?) 05-06 translated by Anonymous German (Hast du gearbeitet?) 07-08 translated by Hedwig Jahn Polish 09 translated by Gabriela Jundziłłowa (Czy pracowałeś?) 10 translated by Maria Konopnicka (Czyś ty pracował?) Russian 11 translated by Vladimir Shulyatikov (Трудился ль ты?) 12 translated by Aleksandr Yemelyanov (Работал ли ты?) Ukrainain (Ти мені признався, що мене кохаєш) 13 translated by Pavlo Hrabovsky
Sie hören Hast Thou been working? by Ada Negri.
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