Hörbuch: Anybody But Anne

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Anybody But Anne

1 - Chapters 1-2





Narrated in the first person by Raymond Sturgis, Anne's old high-school beau, the story opens with a lavish house party hosted by the Van Wycks. David Van Wyck has suddenly decided to become a philanthropist and proposes to give away his entire fortune to the building of a new library in the community, thus leaving his family penniless. The morning following his late meeting with the library committee, David is found dead in his locked study. The Van Wyck pearls are missing as is the deed giving away the fortune. But is it murder or suicide? A detective is hired but when he fails to solve the mystery Fleming Stone is called in to wrap things up. The characters are diverse & interesting, not to mention that a few of the men are extremely anxious to become Anne's next husband. - Summary by Celine Major
Sie hören Anybody But Anne by Carolyn Wells.
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