Wuthering Heights cover

Wuthering Heights

Emily Bronte (1818-1848)

1. 01 – Chapter I
2. 02 – Chapter II
3. 03 – Chapter III
4. 04 – Chapter IV
5. 05 – Chapter V
6. 06 – Chapter VI
7. 07 – Chapter VII
8. 08 – Chapter VIII
9. 09 – Chapter IX
10. 10 – Chapter X
11. 11 – Chapter XI
12. 12 – Chapter XII
13. 13 – Chapter XIII
14. 14 – Chapter XIV
15. 15 – Chapter XV
16. 16 – Chapter XVI
17. 17 – Chapter XVII
18. 18 – Chapter XVIII
19. 19 – Chapter XIX
20. 20 – Chapter XX
21. 21 – Chapter XXI
22. 22 – Chapter XXII
23. 23 – Chapter XXIII
24. 24 – Chapter XXIV
25. 25 – Chapter XXV
26. 26 – Chapter XXVI
27. 27 – Chapter XXVII
28. 28 – Chapter XXVIII
29. 29 – Chapter XXIX
30. 30 – Chapter XXX
31. 31 – Chapter XXXI
32. 32 – Chapter XXXII
33. 33 – Chapter XXXIII
34. 34 – Chapter XXXIV

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Emily Bronte’s first and only novel, Wuthering Heights, portrays the obsessive and vengeful love story between Heathcliff and Catherine. Images of cruelty and passion with an incorporation of gothic supernatural elements set the dark and misty atmosphere present throughout the novel. Moving between two neighboring houses, Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange, the wild love story turned destructive obsession is narrated by Mr. Lockwood through his diary entries. Bronte sets the novel into motion with the arrival of Mr. Lockwood at the house of his grim landlord Heathcliff. The strange and unfriendly manner in which his landlord behaves and his lack of effort to appear otherwise, sparks a flame of curiosity in Lockwood to learn more about the mysterious Wuthering Heights. After nature forces him to spend a night in the house, his eerie experience during the night only further ignites his curiosity to learn more about its past. When he settles into Thrushcross Grange he asks Nelly the housekeeper to tell him more about Wuthering Heights and its residents. Nelly then recounts events leading to Heathcliff’s current bitter state, beginning with his childhood when he was brought in by Mr. Earnshaw, owner of the Wuthering Heights manor. As the young dark-skinned Heathcliff tries to fit in with the family, everyone grows to like him except for Mr. Earnshaw’s son Hindley, who is jealous of the affection Heathcliff receives from his father. His sister Catherine, however, becomes inseparable with the youngster and the two share many adventures together on the moors and a mutual affection is born. As future events unfold, Catherine chooses to marry Edgar Linton, who lives in the nearby Thrushcross Grange, and leaves Heathcliff heartbroken. Hurled into a world of revenge, Heathcliff extends his mission of vengeance to their innocent children years later as they face lurking resentment and animosity. Bronte’s Gothic romance novel combines the use of extraordinary literary devices, while simultaneously structuring a captivating storyline. Vivid descriptions, a compelling plot and a complex array of characters is what maintains the special place Wuthering Heights holds on the classic literature bookshelf.



- Wuthering Heights

Wonderful, sad, and romantic. The narrator did a truly EXCELLENT job with this book.


- wuthering heights

awesome amazing love story ..... i was in school when in library i found this and started reading,but somewhat i dint complete...and now accidently i found it here ... thanks loyal book.. this is a great app .... i m lovin' it.....❤❤❤❤❤


- Wuthering Heights

Narration is beautiful. Ruth Golding is a wonderful reader with great characterization. The story is not a joyous one and it was quite hard for me to read in the first part because of it's harsh nature but in the second part of the story it was easy to follow and was quite interesting.


- Wuthering Heights

I have read this book, watched a movie and now a audiobook. I love this story. So romantic and sad as well. I never tire of this classic.


- Wuthering Heights

Excellent narration, I love the accents and individual voices.


- one of the best books ever written

I love this book. I've read it dozens of times and I plan on reading it dozens more. I love the narrator's voice too. She gives each character life with subtle intonation of her voice.


one of my favorite books brilliantly read. Agree with the comments about Cathy's voice though


- Review Wuthering heights

Excellent job of narration from Ruth Golding. Bravo Ruth!!! The story was good, but she started loosing me towards the end of the book. Sad how life must have been for some in that century. I highly recommend this book.


- Thumbs Up

Ruth Golding does a terrific job reading this book and the recording is very clear with zero background noise. I wasn't very fond of the story line itself but I loved the use of the English language in this book; which made it fun and interesting to listen to.


- Wuthering Heights

Although I didn't like the characters, or particularly enjoy the story, Emily Bronte's beautiful use of the English Language was impressive. I thought that Ruth Golding did a fantastic job with the reading and the character's voices. Excelent recording!