Wives and Daughters cover

Wives and Daughters

Elizabeth Gaskell (1810-1865)

1. 01 - The Dawn of a Gala Day
2. 02 - A Novice Amongst the Great Folk
3. 03 - Molly Gibson's Childhood
4. 04 - Mr. Gibson's Neighbors
5. 05 - Calf-Love
6. 06 - A Visit to the Hamleys
7. 07 - Foreshadows of Love Perils
8. 08 - Drifting Into Danger
9. 09 - The Widower and the Widow
10. 10 - A Crisis
11. 11 - Making Friendship
12. 12 - Preparing for the Wedding
13. 13 - Molly Gibson's New Friends
14. 14 - Molly Finds Herself Patronized
15. 15 - The New Mamma
16. 16 - The Bride at Home
17. 17 - Trouble at Hamley Hall
18. 18 - Mr. Osborne's Secret
19. 19 - Cynthia's Arrival
20. 20 - Mrs. Gibson's Visitors
21. 21 - The Half-Sisters
22. 22 - The Old Squire's Troubles
23. 23 - Osborne Hamley Reviews His Position
24. 24 - Mrs. Gibson's Little Dinner
25. 25 - Hollingford in a Bustle
26. 26 - A Charity Ball
27. 27 - Fathers and Sons
28. 28 - Rivalry
29. 29 - Bush-Fighting
30. 30 - Old Ways and New Ways
31. 31 - A Passive Coquette
32. 32 - Coming Events
33. 33 - Brightening Prospects
34. 34 - A Lover's Mistake
35. 35 - The Mother's Maneuver
36. 36 - Domestic Diplomacy
37. 37 - A Fluke, and What Came of It
38. 38 - Mr. Kirkpatrick, Q.C.
39. 39 - Secret Thoughts Ooze Out
40. 40 - Molly Gibson Breathes Freely
41. 41 - Gathering Clouds
42. 42 - The Storm Bursts
43. 43 - Cynthia's Confession
44. 44 - Molly Gibson to the Rescue
45. 45 - Confidences
46. 46 - Hollingford Gossips
47. 47 - Scandal and its Victims
48. 48 - An Innocent Culprit
49. 49 - Molly Gibson Finds a Champion
50. 50 - Cynthia at Bay
51. 51 - Troubles Never Come Alone
52. 52 - Squire Hamley's Sorrow
53. 53 - Unlooked-For Arrivals
54. 54 - Molly Gibson's Worth is Discovered
55. 55 - An Absent Lover Returns
56. 56 - Off With the Old Love, and On With the New
57. 57 - Bridal Visits and Adieux
58. 58 - Reviving Hopes and Brightening Prospects
59. 59 - Molly Gibson at Hamley Hall
60. 60 - Roger Hamley's Confession/Concluding Remarks

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This story opens with a young girl on a visit to a stately mansion, which is a local tourist attraction. Exhausted and waiting for the rest of the party to finish the tour, she falls asleep under a tree. She is discovered by the daughter of the house and the governess, who comfort her and put her to bed in the governess's room, promising to wake her before the tourists leave. However, the governess forgets and the girl is stranded in the mansion. Her father arrives to take her home. Many years later, her father brings the same governess home as his new wife. The lady has a daughter of her own and the two girls become close friends. Another mansion in the neighborhood is owned by a wealthy squire with two young sons. How their lives and the lives of the two young stepsisters become inextricably entwined forms the rest of this interesting story. Wives and Daughters: An Everyday Story was Elizabeth Gaskell's last book. It remained unfinished with her sudden death in 1865 while it was being serialized in the Cornhill magazine. The book was completed by journalist, Frederick Greenwood and the final section was published in 1866. Elizabeth Gaskell, or Mrs. Gaskell as she was better known, was a friend and biographer of Charlotte Bronte. She was also well known in her own right as a writer during the Victorian era. Her works offer deep insights into many strata of society of that time. As a child she suffered great privation and insecurity after her mother died and she was sent to live with various relatives, though her father and brothers kept in contact with her and encouraged her to study and write. She married a Unitarian minister and traveled extensively with him. It was during the course of her travels that she began keeping a journal and discovered her talent for writing. Her social circle included such greats as Charles Dickens, Harriet Beecher Stowe and John Ruskin. Wives and Daughters is set in the pre-Reform Bill era of the 1830s, a piece of legislation that allowed people from more than just the upper echelons of society to have voting privileges. The character of Molly Gibson, who evolves from an impulsive and unthinking young girl into a strong and independent woman proves to be capable of making the right decisions without compromising her own sense of ethics. She also becomes a tower of strength to those around her. Wives and Daughters is a very interesting and powerful read that combines romance, memorable characters and great insights into social structure more than a hundred years ago.



loved this book reading. The story was a classic and the reader was utterly brilliant too. Thank you so much Elizabeth for taking the time to do this. you are a star!

Terri Richards

- Wives and Daughters

A lovely classic beautifully read by Elizabeth Klett. Thank you Elizabeth...you are brilliant!


Brilliant book that has been brilliantly read.

Wendy Watson

A very well read brilliant book, ELIZABETH KLETT you are the best!

Mila Kranz

- Wives and Daughters (solo version)

The reader makes it a Masterpiece! Many thanks for a perfect interpretation!

Elizabeth Klett has an expressive voice with accents and tones for each character. This reading is one of her best, imo. Elizabeth Gaskell has become my new, favorite author.