Audiobook: Trinummus: The Three Pieces of Money

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Trinummus: The Three Pieces of Money

1 - Act 1


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Buried treasure, reckless son, exile, young love, betrayal, detection - all as relevant today as when this comedy was written 2200 years ago. - Summary by ToddHW

Cast list:
Luxury: Sonia
Poverty: Availle
Charmides, an Athenian merchant: ToddHW
Lesbonicus, the son of Charmides: Rémi
Callicles, a friend of Charmides: Mike Manolakes
Megaronides, a friend of Callicles: David Purdy
Stasimus, the servant of Charmides and Lesbonicus: Adrian Stephens
Philto, a wealthy Athenian: Algy Pug
Lysiteles, the son of Philto, and a friend of Lesbonicus: VocalPenguin
A Sharper: Alan Mapstone
Stage Directions: Wayne Cooke
Editing: ToddHW

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