The Wrong Box cover

The Wrong Box

Robert Louis Stevenson

1. 01 – In which Morris Suspects
2. 02 – In Which Morris Takes Action
3. 03 – The Lecturer at Large
4. 04 – The Magistrate in the Luggage Van
5. 05 – Mr Gideon Forsyth and the Gigantic Box
6. 06 – The Tribulations of Morris – Part the First
7. 07 – In Which William Dent Pitman Takes Legal Advice
8. 08 – In Which Michael Finsbury Enjoys a Holiday
9. 09 – Glorious Conclusion of Michael Finsbury’s Holiday
10. 10 – Gideon Forsyth and the Broadwood Grand
11. 11 – The Maestro Jimson
12. 12 – Positively the Last Appearance of the Broadwood Grand
13. 13 – The Tribulations of Morris – Part the Second
14. 14 – William Bent Pitman Hears of Something to his Advantage
15. 15 – The Return of the Great Vance
16. 16 – Final Adjustment of the Leather Business

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The Wrong Box is a comedy about the ending of a tontine (a tontine is an arrangement whereby a number of young people subscribe to a fund which is then closed and invested until all but one of the subscribers have died. That last subscriber then receives the whole of the proceeds). The story involves the last two such survivors and their relations, a train crash, missing uncles, surplus dead bodies and innocent bystanders. A farce really.