The World I Live In cover

The World I Live In

Helen Keller (1880-1968)

1. 00 – Preface
2. 01 – The Seeing Hand
3. 02 – The Hands of Others
4. 03 – The Hand of the Race
5. 04 – The Power of Touch
6. 05 – The Finer Vibrations
7. 06 – Smell, the Fallen Angel
8. 07 – Relative Values of the Senses
9. 08 – The Five-Sensed World
10. 09 – Inward Visions
11. 10 – Analogies in Sense Perception
12. 11 – Before the Soul Dawn
13. 12 – The Larger Sanctions
14. 13 – The Dream World
15. 14 – Dreams and Reality
16. 15 – A Waking Dream
17. 16 – A Chant of Darkness

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The World I Live In by Helen Keller is a collection of essays that poignantly tells of her impressions of the world, through her sense of touch, smell, her imagination and dreams.My hand is to me what your hearing and sight together are to you. In large measure we travel the same highways, read the same books, speak the same language, yet our experiences are different. All my comings and goings turn on the hand as on a pivot. It is the hand that binds me to the world of men and women. The hand is my feeler with which I reach through isolation and darkness and seize every pleasure, every activity that my fingers encounter. With the dropping of a little word from another’s hand into mine, a slight flutter of the fingers, began the intelligence, the joy, the fullness of my life. Helen Keller, quoted from her essay, The Seeing Hand



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