The Western United States: A Geographical Reader cover

The Western United States: A Geographical Reader

Harold W. Fairbanks (1860-1952)

1. 01- Preface and The Work of the Colorado River
2. 02- A Trip into the Grand Canyon of the Colorado
3. 03- How the Columbia Plateau was Made
4. 04-The Canyons of the Sierra Nevada Mountains
5. 05- An Oregon Glacier
6. 06- Something About Earthquakes and Mountain Building
7. 07- The Last Volcanic Eruptions in the United States
8. 08- The Mud Volcanoes of the Colorado Desert
9. 09- The Story of the Coastline
10. 10- The Discovery of the Columbia River
11. 11- The Great Basin and Its Peculiar Lakes
12. 12- Fremont’s Adventures in the Great Basin
13. 13- The Story of Great Salt Lake
14. 14- The Skagit River
15. 15- The Story of Lake Chelan
16. 16- The Native Inhabitants of the Pacific Slope
17. 17- The Story of Lewis and Clark
18. 18- The Russians in California
19. 19- Death Valley
20. 20- The Cliff Dwellers and Their Descendants
21. 21- The Life of the Desert
22. 22- The Pony Express
23. 23- How Climate and Physical Features Influenced the Settlement of the West
24. 24- The Life of the Prospector
25. 25- Gold and Gold-Mining
26. 26- Copper-Mining
27. 27- Coal and Petroleum
28. 28- The Climate of the Pacific Coast
29. 29- Something About Irrigation
30. 30- The Location of the Cities of the Pacific Slope
31. 31- The Forest Belt of the Sierra Nevada Mountains
32. 32- The National Parks and Forest Reserves

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“In preparation of this book the author has had in mind the needs of the upper grammar grades. The subject matter has not been selected with the object of covering the field of Western geography in a systematic manner, but instead the attempt has been made to picture as graphically as may be some of its more striking and interesting physical features, and the influence which these features have exerted upon its discovery and settlement.” (from the Preface of The Western United States)