The Thing from the Lake cover

The Thing from the Lake

Eleanor M. Ingram (1886-1921)

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To get away from city life periodically, New Yorker Roger Locke purchases an abandoned farm house in rural Connecticut, and with the assistance of his cousin Phillida and her beau Ethan Vere, he sets about fixing up the place.Immediately however, an unseen mysterious woman begins giving him warnings during nocturnal visits to leave the house at once. Soon he begins hearing strange ominous sounds emanating from the tiny lake at the back of the house coupled with a permeation of sickly odors. An evil presence then begins to visit him during the witching hours of the late night, challenging him to a battle of wits from which there can be only one victor.Is his mysterious female visitor there to help and encourage him to flee from the house, or is she working in tandem with The Thing From the Lake? A gripping, occasionally frightening tale, Ms. Ingram wastes no time in grabbing the reader into the story and manages to weave a tale that will leave the reader guessing at every turn of events.



- awesome

the voices the reader does for the ghosts are amazing I've never heard anything like it love this book so much

Biased Perspective

- Did not care for this one

The story is fine (not great and not bad) and while the reader is fine, the reader's tone was not a good choice for this book. I do appreciate the time the readers take to read but the reader literally sunk the story at several places with the lack of intonation.


- The Thing From The Lake

great story and the narrator is awesome. thank you.

Diane August 24'2016

- The thing from the lake

Wonderfully read!! I hope I get this reader again. The story keeps you wanting more, and the summing up at the end ,excellent.


- The Thing From the Lake

Get ready once again for the clash of good and evil, love vs. hate. This story will take hold of you and whisk you away. The narrator does a great job. This is not just a book, but an experience.

Mara S

- The Thing From The Lake

Great Book! The narrator was Excellent! Enjoyed every minute of his reading!


- Fantastic reader and really surprising book

Roger Melin must be a professional-His reading is absolutely top and very entertaining. The story is surprising and giving thought for different views on reality. Thank you sooo much for offering this opportunity to listen to this story in this way.


- Good Book !

A pretty interesting book! The Narrator does an excellent job! Congratulations!

P. Binnion

- Mystery

Great story and narration.