Steppe cover


Anton Chekhov (1860-1904)

1. Chapter 01
2. Chapter 02
3. Chapter 03 (1)
4. Chapter 03 (2)
5. Chapter 04 (1)
6. Chapter 04 (2)
7. Chapter 05
8. Chapter 06 (1)
9. Chapter 06 (2)
10. Chapter 07
11. Chapter 08

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Little Yegorushka goes off to school for the first time, setting out on the journey in the company of his Uncle Ivan, the local priest Father Christopher, and the fun-loving servant Deniska. Along the way they meet an extraordinarily colorful array of characters, named and nameless: the innkeeper Moisey Moisevitch, the beautiful Countess Dranitsky, the mysterious Varlamov, Emelyan the voiceless singer, Tit the steppe waif, and many more. But the most colorful and extraordinary character of all is the Steppe itself in every mood and weather, painted stroke-by-masterly-stroke by Chekhov in all its wild, musical, redolent, flowering, chirruping, infuriating exuberance. (Expatriate)