Royal Book of Oz (version 2 Dramatic Reading) cover

Royal Book of Oz (version 2 Dramatic Reading)

Ruth Plumly Thompson (1891-1976)

1. Preface
2. Professor Wogglebug's Great Idea
3. The Scarecrow's Family Tree
4. Down the Magic Bean Pole
5. Dorothy's Lonely Breakfast
6. Sir Hokus of Pokes
7. Singing Their Way Out of Pokes
8. The Scarecrow is Hailed as Emperor!
9. The Scarecrow Studies the Silver Island
10. "Save Us With Your Magic, Exalted One!"
11. Princess Ozma and Betsy Bobbin Talk It Over
12. Sir Hokus Overcometh the Giant
13. Dorothy and Sir Hokus Come to Fix City
14. Dancing Beds and the Roads That Unrolled
15. Sons and Grandsons Greet the Scarecrow
16. The Three Princes Plot to Undo the Emperor
17. Dorothy and Her Guardians Meet New Friends
18. Doubty and Camy Vanish Into Space
19. Dorothy Finds the Scarecrow!
20. Planning to Fly From the Silver Island
21. Dorothy Upsets the Ceremony of the Island
22. The Escape From the Silver Island
23. The Flight of the Parasol
24. Safe at Last in the Land of Oz
25. Homeward Bound to the Emerald City

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    When the professor decides to outline the ancestry of the eminent people of Oz, Scarecrow feels left out. He doesn't have a family tree - unless you count the bean pole on which he had been placed when the farmer put him in the cornfield! So he decides to seek out his roots . . . which leads him, Dorothy, and the Cowardly Lion on adventures they never dreamed, meeting new friends (and foes) along the way. (Introduction by TriciaG)



    - Review

    I loved this book! As ALWAYS Phil does an incredible job. (He's my favorite!) Ruth hit the nail on the head with her interpretation of franks books.