Audiobook: Royal Book of Oz (version 2 Dramatic Reading)

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Royal Book of Oz (version 2 Dramatic Reading)

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When the professor decides to outline the ancestry of the eminent people of Oz, Scarecrow feels left out. He doesn't have a family tree - unless you count the bean pole on which he had been placed when the farmer put him in the cornfield! So he decides to seek out his roots . . . which leads him, Dorothy, and the Cowardly Lion on adventures they never dreamed, meeting new friends (and foes) along the way. (Introduction by TriciaG)

Cast list:
Narrator: KHand
Scarecrow: Chuck Williamson
Dorothy: Victoria P
Cowardly Lion: Woolly Bee
Sir Hokus: Peter Parshall
Drummer/Happy Toko, Big Fix : Todd Jenken
Dromedary, Fix King : Janet
Chief Poker, General, Fix 1, Comfortable Camel: P. J. Morgan
Professor Wogglebug, Old Gentleman/The Grand Chew Chew: Beth Thomas
Zif, Rattlesnake, Middling Son, Blink, Big Bush, Randum, Grandson/Grandsons, Wizard: Kristin Gjerløw
Jack, A-B-Sea Serpent, Muddle, Others/Courtiers/People, Sticken, Prince 2, Wizard of Oz: ToddHW
Tik-Tok, Middling Father, Poke Man, Silver Man, Giant, Bed: sunny1849
Farmer, Pokes, Sticken: Annika Vera
Tin Woodman, Middling King, Prince 1: Sophia Noelle
Scraps, Others/Courtiers/People: Frances Brown
Glinda, Betsy Bobbin, Little Bush, Others/Courtiers/People: Charlotte Brown
Ozma, Winkie Lady, Lantern 1, Memo, Grandsons, Princess Orange Blossom: thestorygirl
Jellia Jamb, Pokes, Lantern 2, Grandsons, Others/Courtiers/People, Prince 3: TriciaG
Middling Singer: David Lawrence

Editors: Kristin Gjerløw, Kimberly Krause, Gillian Schnurr, Rob Board and Dave Harrell.

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