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#1 - Chapters 1 & 2: Mark the Mourner and Mar Paulus

Paradise, or Garden of the Holy Fathers (Book 2)

Download Chapters 1 & 2: Mark the Mourner and Mar Paulus audio
Download Chapter 3: The Triumph Of A Young Man Who Was An Alexandrian audio
Download Chapters 4-9: The triumphs of an old man, of various disciples and of Peter. Also of Aurelius audio
Download Chapters 10-13: Abba Moses the Indian, abba Pior, Abba Moses the Libyan and a wandering monk audio
Download Chapters 14 &15: Evagrius and Malchus. audio
Download Chapters 16-21: Of two fathers who went naked, another holy man, a solitary monk, a holy virgin and the two young men who were with Macarius. audio
Download Chapters 22-24: Of Abba Bessarion and the wonder things he wrought, and the holy man who possessed nine virtues. audio
Download Chapters 25-27: Of Maria, the history of a certain sage and two brothers in a Persian Monastery. audio
Download Chapters 28 & 29: a certain virgin who grew old in the fear of God and Stephana. audio
Download Chapters 30-36: Of Eucarpus, a certain famous deacon, a certain excellent bishop, a neighbour of Abba Poemen, a brother who denied Christ, an old man in Scete and a harlot whom Serapion converted. audio
Download Chapters 37-42: of the harlot, Abba Apolls, Cosmas, Abba Macarius, a certain old man, and Abba Macarius. audio
Download Chapters 43 & 43: Of Abba Mark the Less and Abba Paule the Simple. audio

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The Desert Fathers were early Christian hermits, ascetics, and monks who mainly lived in the Scetes desert of Egypt. The most famous was St. Anthony the Great, who moved to the desert in 270 AD and became known as both the father and founder of desert monasticism. By the time Anthony died in AD 356, thousands of monks and nuns had been drawn to Anthony's example of living in the harsh conditions of the inner desert, praying the psalms, meditating on scripture, eating rarely, and working with their hands making baskets or mats. This work is a collection of stories from the lives of these early monks and nuns. - Summary by ancientchristian

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