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#1 - The Cyclops

Odyssey for Boys and Girls

Download Of the Home of the Winds and of Circe audio
Download Of the Sirens and Other Wonders audio
Download Of What Happened in Ithaca audio
Download How Telemachus Went to Look for His Father audio
Download How Telemachus Saw Nestor audio
Download How Telemachus Came to Sparta audio
Download How Ulysses Came to the Phaeacians audio
Download Ulysses Among the Phaeacians audio
Download Ulysses and His Son audio
Download Of the Dog Argus and Other Things audio
Download Of the Beggar Irus and Other Things audio
Download How Ulysses Was Made Known audio
Download The Trial of the Bow audio
Download The Slaying of the Suitors audio
Download How There Was Peace Between Ulysses and his People audio

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A retelling of the adventures of Ulysses, including his adventures both the Cyclops and Circe, as he journeys home to his home of Ithaca. The story then continues to include his quest to rejoin his wife and family of whom he has been separated from for twenty years. This is Homer's Odyssey for the younger set. (Summary by Ginny Blankenship)

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