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#1 - 01 - I - I Go to Pittsburg

Man in Lower Ten

Download 01 - I - I Go to Pittsburg audio
Download 02 - II - A Torn Telegram audio
Download 03 - III - Across the Aisle; IV - Numbers Seven and Nine audio
Download 04 - V - The Woman in the Next Car; VI - The Girl in Blue audio
Download 05 - VII - A Fine Gold Chain; VIII - The Second Section audio
Download 06 - IX - The Halcyon Breakfast; X - Miss West's Request audio
Download 07 - XI - The Name Was Sullivan audio
Download 08 - XII - The Gold Bag audio
Download 09 - XIII - Faded Roses audio
Download 10 - XIV - The Trap-Door audio
Download 11 - XV - The Cinematograph audio
Download 12 - XVI - The Shadow of a Girl audio
Download 13 - XVII - At the Farm-House Again audio
Download 14 - XVIII - A New World; XIX - At the Table Next audio
Download 15 - XX - The Notes and a Bargain; XXI - McKnight's Theory audio
Download 16 - XXII - At the Boarding-House audio
Download 17 - XXIII - A Night at the Laurels audio
Download 18 - XXIV - His Wife's Father audio
Download 19 - XXV - At the Station audio
Download 20 - XXVI - On to Richmond audio
Download 21 - XXVII - The Sea, the Sand, the Stars audio
Download 22 - XXVIII - Alison's Story audio
Download 23 - Chapter XXIX - In the Dining-Room audio
Download 24 - XXX - Finer Details audio
Download 25 - XXXI - And Only One Arm audio

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Someone had to take the bank notes to Pittsburgh and take a statement from John Gilmore confirming that they were indeed forged. It was McKnight's turn to go, but he was bagging off because he wanted to spend the weekend visiting Alison West in Richmond. And so his law partner, Lawrence Blakeley, is left with no choice but to make the trip himself. All goes well at first, but on the train home, Blakeley wakes to find that the notes, along with his clothes, are missing from his sleeping berth. It was an eventful night. In addition to the theft, there's been a murder in the berth across, and when the weapon is found under Blakeley's pillow, he becomes one of the prime suspects. (Summary by MaryAnn)

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