The Love Letters of Abelard and Heloise cover

The Love Letters of Abelard and Heloise

Peter Abelard

1. 0 – Introduction
2. 1 – Letter 1: Abelard to Philintus
3. 2 – Letter 2: Heloise to Abelard
4. 3 – Letter 3: Abelard to Heloise
5. 4 – Letter 4: Heloise to Abelard
6. 5 – Letter 5: Heloise to Abelard
7. 6 – Letter 6: Abelard to Heloise
8. 7 – Appendix 1
9. 8 – Appendix 2

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Heloise was a strong-willed and gifted woman who was fluent in Latin, Greek and Hebrew, and came from a lower social standing than Abelard. At age 19, and living under her uncle Fulbert’s roof, Heloise fell in love with Abelard, who she was studying under. Not only did they have a clandestine affair of a sexual nature, they had a child, Astrolabe, out of wedlock. Discovered by the Fulbert (who was a Church official), Abelard was assaulted by a hired thug and castrated, and Heloise entered a convent. Abelard was exiled to Brittany, where he lived as monk. Eventually Heloise became abbess of the Oratory of the Paraclete, an abbey which Abelard had founded.It was at this time that they exchanged their famous letters, presented in this book. The letters, originally written in Latin, are passionate both in the remembrance of lost love, and the attempt to reconcile that love with their respective monastic duty to remain chaste. The tension between these two poles generates a huge amount of emotional electricity. (Summary by J. B. Hare)



Awesome! I especially enjoyed the narrator who read the parts of Abelard. Highly recommended.