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#1 - Mr. Justice Fitzgerald speaks truth

Irish Land Question

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Download The doctrine of vested rights β€” The great-great-grandson of Captain Kidd audio
Download Private property in land must be abolished β€” the only way, the easy way audio
Download Political considerations. β€” A frank avowal of principle the best policy audio
Download Appeals to national animosities wrong and injurious audio
Download How to combine the strongest force against the least resistance audio
Download What Americans may learn in the discussion of the Irish Question, and what American experience may teach audio
Download A little island or a little world audio
Download Grandeur of the civilization that is possible audio
Download Barbarism of the civilization that is audio
Download True radicalism the true conservatism audio
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"What I want to impress upon those who may read this paper is this: The Irish land question is not a mere local question; it is a universal question. It involves the great problem of the distribution of wealth, which is everywhere forcing itself upon attention. It can not be settled by measures which in their nature can have but a local application. It can only be settled by measures which in their nature will apply everywhere as readily as in Ireland." (Summary by Henry George)

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