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#1 - 01 - Chapter I: The Greek View of Religion. Section 1 - Introductory

Greek View of Life

Download 01 - Chapter I: The Greek View of Religion. Section 1 - Introductory audio
Download 02 - I.2 Greek Religion an Interpretation of Nature audio
Download 03 - I.3 Greek Religion an Interpretation of the Human Passions audio
Download 04 - I.4 Greek Religion the Foundation of Society audio
Download 05 - I.5 Religious Festivals audio
Download 06 - I.6 The Greek Conception of the Relation of Man to the Gods audio
Download 07 - I.7 Divination, Omens, Oracles audio
Download 08 - I.8 Sacrifice and Atonement audio
Download 09 - I.9 Guilt and Punishment audio
Download 10 - I.10 Mysticism audio
Download 11 - I.11 The Greek View of Death and a Future Life audio
Download 12 - I.12 Critical and Sceptical Opinion in Greece audio
Download 13 - I.13 Ethical Criticism audio
Download 14 - I.14 Transition to Monotheism audio
Download 15 - I.15 Metaphysical Criticism audio
Download 16 - I.16 Metaphysical Reconstruction - Plato audio
Download 18 - Chapter II: The Greek View of the State. Section 1 - The Greek State a 'City' audio
Download 19 - II.2 The Relation of the State to the Citizen audio
Download 20 - II.3 The Greek View of Law audio
Download 21 - II.4 Artisans and Slaves audio
Download 22 - II.5 The Greek State Primarily Military, not Industrial audio
Download 23 - II.6 Forms of Government in the Greek State audio
Download 24 - II.7 Faction and Anarchy audio
Download 25 - II.8 Property and the Communistic Ideal audio
Download 28 - II.11 Sceptical Criticism of the Basis of the State audio
Download 29 - II.12 Summary audio
Download 30 - Chapter III: The Greek View of the Individual. Section 1 - The Greek View of Manual Labour and Trade audio
Download 31 - III.2 Appreciation of External Goods audio
Download 32 - III.3 Appreciation of Physical Qualities audio
Download 33 - III.4 Greek Athletics audio
Download 34 - III.5 Greek Ethics - Identification of the Aesthetic and Ethical Points of View audio
Download 35 - III.6 The Greek View of Pleasure audio
Download 36 - III.7 Illustrations - Ischomachus; Socrates audio
Download 37 - III.8 The Greek View of Woman audio
Download 38 - III.9 Protests against the Common View of Woman audio
Download 39 - III.10a Friendship (1) audio
Download 40 - III.10b Friendship (2) audio
Download 41 - III.10c Friendship (3) audio
Download 42 - III.11 Summary audio
Download 43 - Chapter IV: The Greek View of Art. Section 1 - Greek Art an Expression of National Life audio
Download 44 - IV.2 Identification of the Aesthetic and Ethical Points of View audio
Download 45 - IV.3 Sculpture and Painting audio
Download 46 - IV.4 Music and the Dance audio
Download 48 - IV.6a Tragedy (1) audio
Download 49 - IV.6b Tragedy (2) audio
Download 52 - Chapter V: Conclusion audio
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“With the Greek civilisation beauty perished from the world. Never again has it been possible for man to believe that harmony is in fact the truth of all existence.”

This elegantly-written work provides a splendid introduction to the Greeks of the classic period: how they thought, wrote, and organised their lives and loves. Although it dates from the 1890s, there is very little about it that has dated. To its author’s credit, the subject of “Greek love” is dealt with in a sane and factual context - despite the judicial assassination of Oscar Wilde going on in the background.

A Cambridge don much admired by his students (including E. M. Forster), Goldsworthy Lowes Dickinson belonged to the Apostles, a secret society with a strong ethic of male friendship. Alfred Tennyson and his beloved Arthur Hallam were early members. Dickinson is chiefly remembered as a historian and pacifist who played a significant part in the founding of the League of Nations. Inevitably, given his interests and intellectual background, he became a close associate of the Bloomsbury Group.

The Greek View of Life is no dry academic tome. It is a popularizing work in the best sense: accessibly written and illustrated with apt quotations given in sturdy translations, never in the original Greek. It is a joy to read.
(Introduction by Martin Geeson)

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