Burial of the Guns cover

Burial of the Guns

Thomas Nelson Page (1853-1922)

1. My Cousin Fanny, Pt 1
2. My Cousin Fanny, Pt 2
3. The Burial of the Guns, Pt 1
4. The Burial of the Guns, Pt 2
5. The Gray Jacket of 'No. 4'
6. Miss Dangerlie's Roses
7. How the Captain Made Christmas
8. Little Darby, Pt 1
9. Little Darby, Pt 2
10. Little Darby, Pt 3
11. Little Darby, Pt 4

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    This is a book of short stories centered around the Civil War and its aftermath. The author was a prominent Virginian in his day, and his writing shows a talent for poignant reminiscences. The title comes from the second story, in which an artillery unit detached from Lee's army determines to follow their last orders - not to let their cannons fall into Union hands - despite Lee's surrender and the end of the War in Virginia. The other stories focus on individuals in the post-War years.