Bee-Master of Warrilow cover

Bee-Master of Warrilow

Tickner Edwardes (1865-1944)

1. Preface and Introduction
2. The Bee-Master of Warrilow
3. February Amongst the Hives
4. A Twentieth Century Bee-Farmer
5. Chloe Among The Bees
6. A Bee-Man Of The 'Forties
7. Heredity In The Bee-Garden
8. Night On A Honey-Farm
9. In A Bee-Camp
10. The Bee-Hunters
11. The Physician In The Hive
12. Winter Work On The Bee-Farm
13. The Queen Bee - In Romance And Reality ....
14. The Song Of The Hives
15. Concerning Honey
16. In The Abbot's Bee-Garden
17. Bees And Their Masters
18. The Honey Thieves
19. The Story Of The Swarm
20. The Mind In The Hive
21. The King's Bee-Master
22. Pollen And The Bee
23. The Honey-Flow
24. Summer Life In A Bee-Hive
25. The Yellow Peril In Hiveland
26. The Unbusy Bee
27. The Long Night In The Hive
28. The Autocrat Of The Bee-Garden
29. Honey-Craft Old And New
30. The Bee-Milk Mystery
31. The Bee-Burners
32. Evolution Of The Modern Hive

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"Is it true that a bee can only sting once?" I asked him, as he bent again over the crocus beds. He laughed. "What would be the good of a sword to a soldier," he said, "if only one blow could be struck with it? It is certainly true that the bee does not usually sting a second time, but that is only because you are too hasty with her. ...But now watch how the thing works naturally." A bee had settled on his hand as he was speaking. He closed his fingers gently over it, and forced it to sting. "Now," he continued, quite unconcernedly, "look what really happens..." (from The Bee-Master of Warrilow) The Bee-Master of Warrilow, steeped from his earliest years in the lore of his bee-keeping forefathers, is a guardian of the English bee-garden life and of the fascinating creature that is the honey bee.