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Barber of Seville

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Count Almaviva's heart is stolen when he lays eyes on Rosine, but he worries that she will only love him for his money. Can Figaro help him? This comedy is the first play in Beaumarchais' Figaro trilogy. It was written in 1773, but because of political and legal problems, Beaumarchais could not stage the play until 1775. The Barber of Seville was adapted into at least five operas, the best-known being by Rossini. The other plays in the trilogy are The Follies of a Day: or the Marriage of Figaro and The Guilty Mother. - Summary by Lynette Caulkins

Cast list:
Count Almaviva, Spanish Grandee, Incognito lover of Rosine: Jake Malizia
Doctor Bartholo, Physician and Guardian of Rosine: James R. Hedrick
Rosine, Young Lady of Noble Birth, Ward of Bartholo: WendyKatzHiller
Figaro, The Barber of Seville: ToddHW
Don Bazile, Organist and Rosine's Music Teacher: Alan Mapstone
Youngman, an old Servant of Bartholo: realisticspeakers
Wideawake, another Servant of Bartholo. A Dolt and a Sluggard: Joanna Michal Hoyt
A Notary Public: Ciufi Galeazzi
A Justice of the Peace: Lynette Caulkins
Stage Directions: Larry Wilson

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