Stories of Old Greece and Rome cover

Stories of Old Greece and Rome

Emilie Kip Baker (1873-1951)

1. In The Beginning
2. The Story of Pandora
3. The Deluge
4. Minerva
5. Apollo and King Admetus
6. Apollo the Musician
7. The Love of Apollo
8. Diana
9. The Story of Endymion
10. Mercury
11. Venus
12. The Story of Cupid and Psyche
13. Famous Lovers
14. The Story of Orpheus and Eurydice
15. Mars and Vulcan
16. The Story of Proserpina
17. Pluto and the Underworld
18. Neptune and the Sea-Gods
19. Baccus
20. Pan and the Nymphs
21. The Vestals
22. Minor Deities
23. Hercules, part 1
24. Hercules, part 2
25. Perseus
26. Bellerophon
27. The Story of Jason, part 1
28. The Story of Jason, part 2
29. The Calydonian Hunt
30. Theseus, part 1
31. Theseus, part 2
32. Oedipus
33. The Apple of Discord
34. Appendices 1-10
35. Appendices 11-20
36. Appendices 21-30
37. Appendices 31-40
38. Appendices 41-50
39. Appendices 51-73

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The Stories of Old Greece and Rome is an easy to read summary of all of the famous and not so famous Greek and Roman mythological stories. All of the famous Heroes are here: Theseus, Jason, Hercules, and all of the well known Deities. These stories tell the real detail of the myths, not the ones that have become sanitized (and dare I say it, 'Disneyfied') over the centuries. These are not stories for children, as the old gods and heroes were vengeful and some might say sadistic in their treatment of minor slights and misdemeanors. Putting out of eyes and ripping out of tongues is commonplace, and punishment by death is ever present. It is however fascinating to see how these tales have affected and influenced our culture and have woven themselves into our own myths and stories.