Sermons of a Buddhist Abbot cover

Sermons of a Buddhist Abbot

Soyen Shaku (1860-1919)

1. Translator's Preface
2. The Sutra of Forty-two Chapters
3. The God-Conception of Buddhism
4. Assertions and Denials
5. Immortality
6. Buddhist Faith
7. Buddhist Ethics
8. What Is Buddhism?
9. The Middle Way
10. The Wheel of the Good Law
11. The Phenomenal and the Supraphenomenal
12. Reply to a Christian Critic
13. Ignorance and Enlightenment
14. Spiritual Enlightenment
15. Pratice of Dhyana
16. Kwannon Bosatz
17. Buddhism and Oriental Culture
18. The Story of Deer Park
19. The Story of Gem-Hunting
20. The Sacrifice for a Stanza
21. Buddhist View of War
22. At the Battle of Nan-Shan Hill
23. An Address Delivered at a Service Held in Memory of Those Who Died in the Russo-Japanese War

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Look! it's the science of sitting, No! it's the science of meditating, No! it's Zen. If you wanted to know anything regarding Zen Buddhism and you did not have the opportunity then here is your chance to listen to the wisdom of a Zen Buddhist Abbot who toured the United States in 1905-6 and most of the sections in this book were lectures that were given to the American Audience, which is why this work is nicknamed as "Zen for Americans.""The Zen that can be explained is not the Zen" said the second patriarch to Bodhi Dharma but this book tries to explain the basic principles that can help you get started on the journey of experiencing Zen. Some of the essays in this book were used as a reference by Leo Tolstoy in one of his works.