School of The Woods cover

School of The Woods

William Joseph Long (1867-1952)

1. On the Way to School
2. What the Fawns Must Know
3. A Cry in the Night
4. Ismaques the Fishhawk
5. A School for Little Fishermen
6. The Partridges' Roll Call
7. When You Meet a Bear
8. Quoskh the Keen Eyed Part 1
9. Quoskh the Keen Eyed Part 2
10. Unk Wunk the Porcupine
11. A Lazy Fellow's Fun
12. Umquenawis the Mighty
13. At the Sound of the Trumpet
14. The Gladsome Life
15. How the Animals Die

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Some Life Studies of Animal Instincts and Animal Training This is the third book in the Wood Folk series by William J. Long, where he masterfully recreates animal life studies he observed while in the woods. He writes of the secrets of animals and birds while using their lovely, Milicete Indian names, such as Meeko and Mooween.