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#1 - 01 - Her Cross Seems Heavy

Ruth Erskine's Crosses

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Download 08 - Finding One's Calling audio
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Download 11 - A Newly-Shaped Cross audio
Download 12 - The Cross of Helplessness audio
Download 13 - Looking for an Easy Yoke audio
Download 14 - 'Through a Glass Darkly' audio
Download 16 - Shadowed Joys audio
Download 17 - Duty's Burden audio
Download 18 - Embarrassment and Merriment audio
Download 20 - A Sister Needed audio
Download 21 - Trying Questions audio
Download 22 - 'That Which Satisfieth Not' audio
Download 24 - 'Hearken Unto Me' audio
Download 25 - 'Bitter-Sweet' audio
Download 26 - 'These Be Thy Gods' audio
Download 27 - The Baptism of Suffering audio
Download 28 - 'The Oil of Joy' audio

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Third book in the Chautauqua Girls series. Written by Isabella Alden under the pseudonym Pansy.

Ruth's father brings home a wife and daughter, after 18 years, that Ruth had never known about. Suddenly she is no longer the queen of her home. And what's worse, the new mother and sister are rude and antagonistic. How will Ruth bear this cross? (Summary by Tricia G)

Previous book in series: The Chautauqua Girls at Home
Next book in series: Ester Ried Yet Speaking

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