Rhymes For The Young Folk cover

Rhymes For The Young Folk

William Allingham (1824-1889)

1. The Fairies
2. The Elf Singing
3. The Fairy King
4. Chorus Of Fairies
5. Robin Redbreast
6. Amy Margaret
7. Jingle Jangle
8. Dreaming
9. I Love You, Dear
10. Seasons
11. The Cat And The Dog
12. Here And There
13. The Bird
14. Wishing
15. I Saw A Little Birdie Fly
16. A Mountain Round
17. The Lepracaun, Or Fairy Shoemaker
18. Yes Or No?
19. Sleeping
20. A Swing Song
21. Birds' Names
22. Down On The Shore
23. The Bubble
24. Nick Spence
25. Ambition
26. The Ball
27. Riding
28. Tom Cricket
29. The Year Of Hardships
30. A Riddle

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Popular for his simple, delicate poetry for children, this Irishman wrote these verses for his three children, Gerald, Eva and Henry, and others like them. Typically, they touch on fairies and nature.