Pollyanna Grows Up cover

Pollyanna Grows Up

Eleanor H. Porter (1868-1920)

1. 01 – Della Speaks Her Mind
2. 02 – Some Old Friends
3. 03 – A Dose of Pollyanna
4. 04 – The Game and Mrs. Carew
5. 05 – Pollyanna Takes a Walk
6. 06 – Jerry To The Rescue
7. 07 – A New Acquaintance
8. 08 – Jamie
9. 09 – Plans and Plottings
10. 10 – In Murphy’s Alley
11. 11 – A Surprise for Mrs. Carew
12. 12 – From Behind the Counter
13. 13 – A Waiting And A Winning
14. 14 – Jimmy And The Green-Eyed Monster
15. 15 – Aunt Polly Takes Alarm
16. 16 – When Pollyanna Was Expected
17. 17 – When Pollyanna Came
18. 18 – A Matter of Adjustment
19. 19 – Two Letters
20. 20 – The Paying Guests
21. 21 – Summer Days
22. 22 – Comrades
23. 23 – “Tied To Two Sticks”
24. 24 – Jimmy Wakes Up
25. 25 – The Game And Pollyanna
26. 26 – John Pendleton
27. 27 – The Day Pollyanna Would Not Play
28. 28 – Jimmy and Jamie
29. 29 – Jimmy And John
30. 30 – John Pendleton Turns The Key
31. 31 – After Long Years
32. 32 – A New Aladdin

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Pollyanna, now cured of her crippling spinal injury, and able to walk again, goes to live in Boston with Mrs. Carew, a heart-broken woman searching for her lost nephew. Aunt Polly goes abroad with Pollyanna’s new Uncle, Dr. Chilton. While in Boston, Pollyanna meets new friends and has several interesting adventures…A startling change in Aunt Polly’s and Pollyanna’s circumstances require Pollyanna to come up with a workable solution. Pollyanna’s solution brings all her new friends from Boston and her old friends in Beldingsville together. Pollyanna also discovers she has to make a choice. Who will win her heart?



A happy, fee-good book and Mary Anderson is a good reader, though, probably every window and mirror was fogged over with all the serious sighing she did with her reading.


- Pollyanna grows up!

Well read! Most enjoyable...unexpected find...I hadn't realised that there was a follow on book.

Cassia Dee

Such a wonderful book!! If you liked the first book, you will most likely enjoy this one just as much. Great reader too :)


- Great book

As good as the original. Good reader.


- Very Good

I read this book about 10 days after I had completed listening to Pollyanna. In my mind this book is every bit as good.


- Childrens Fiction

Again Pollyanna brings joy and healing to many suffering souls in the story. Some may think, in view of today's awful world violences, wars, famine, etc., these books no longer have much value. However these stories, like the Anne books, Narnia books, Helen's Children, etc., teach without moralizing wonderful lessons that could possibly re-instill values in young people today. Mary Anderson is to be commended for her charming and lovely rendition of this dear story.


- Enjoyed

I really enjoyed this book. The first chapter I was a bit Leary, but then the book took off and I couldn't wait for the next chapter. Great reader.

Good reader. I wish the readers of some other books would read as well.


- Good reader

"Pollyanna grows up" was not as interesting as the prequel of the book but I would like to congratulate the excellent reader who was the same as in "Pollyanna". Mary Anderson brought the book to life. Had the book been read by another reader it probably wouldn't have been as enjoying. Keep up the good job. We want more free audio books!