Pellucidar (version 2) cover

Pellucidar (version 2)

Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875-1950)

1. Prologue
2. Lost on Pellucidar
3. Traveling with Terror
4. Shooting the Chutes...and After
5. Friendship and Treachery
6. Surprises
7. A Pendent World
8. From Plight to Plight
9. Captive
10. Hooja's Cutthroats Appear
11. The Raid on the Cave-Prison
12. Escape
13. Kidnaped!
14. Racing for Life
15. Gore and Dreams
16. Conquest and Peace

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    David Innes and his captive, a member of the reptilian Mahar master race of the interior world of Pellucidar, return from the surface world in the Iron Mole invented by his friend and companion in adventure Abner Perry.Emerging in Pellucidar at an unknown location, David frees his captive. He names the place Greenwich and uses the technology he has brought to begin the systematic exploration and mapping of the unknown land while searching for his lost companions, Abner, Ghak, and Dian the Beautiful. He soon encounters and befriends a new ally, Ja the Mezop of the island country of Anoroc; later he finds Abner, from whom he learns that in his absence the human revolt against the Mahars has not been going well. In a parlay with the Mahars David bargains for information of his love Dian and his enemy Hooja the Sly One, which his foes agree to supply in return for the book containing the Great Secret of Mahar reproduction that David stole and hid in the previous novel. David undertakes to recover it, only to find that Hooja has been there before him and claimed Dian as his own reward of the Mahars!



    - Review Pellucidar

    The narration is excellent. He is one of my favorite narrators. The book is pretty good, as always his books are a bit far fetched but non the less entertaining. I would recommend it. :0)