Patricia Brent, spinster cover

Patricia Brent, spinster

Herbert Jenkins (1876-1923)

1. 01 – Patricia’s Indiscretion
2. 02 – The Bonsor-Triggs’ Menage
3. 03 – The Adventure at the Quadrant Grill-room
4. 04 – The Madness of Lord Peter Bowen
5. 05 – Patricia’s Revenge
6. 06 – The Intervention of Aunt Adelaide
7. 07 – Lord Peter promises a Solution
8. 08 – Lord Peter’s S.O.S.
9. 09 – Lady Tanagra takes a Hand
10. 10 – Miss Brent’s Strategy
11. 11 – The Defection of Mr. Triggs
12. 12 – A Bombshell
13. 13 – A Tactical Blunder
14. 14 – Galvin House meets a Lord
15. 15 – Mr. Triggs takes Tea in Kensington Gardens
16. 16 – Patricia’s Inconstancy
17. 17 – Lady Peggy makes a Friend
18. 18 – The Air Raid
19. 19 – Galvin House after the Raid
20. 20 – A Race with Spinsterhood
21. 21 – The Greatest Indiscretion

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A romantic comedy, written in 1918, but with a modern feel to it. Patricia Brent one day overhears two fellow-boarders pitying her because she “never has a nice young man to take her out”. In a thoughtless moment of anger she announces that the following night she will be dining out with her fiance. When she arrives at the restaurant the next day, she finds some of the fellow-boarders there to watch her, so, rendered reckless by the thought of the humiliation of being found out, she goes up to a young man sitting alone at a table, and asks him to help her by “playing up”. Countless complications and adventures ensue…



I listened to it with a smile on my face. It's overdone to perfection. It's a fun, light story. And the reader does a good job.


- story

The story is a little bit different.The reader is not bad.I listened it. Because I wondered about the end.I recommend it.