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Parables from Nature

Download 01 - A lesson of faith audio
Download 02 - The law of authority and obedience audio
Download 03 - The unknown land audio
Download 04 - Knowledge not the limit of belief audio
Download 05 - Training and Restraining audio
Download 06 - The light of truth audio
Download 08 - A lesson of hope audio
Download 09 - A circle of blessing audio
Download 10 - The law of the wood audio
Download 11 - Active and Passive audio
Download 13 - Not lost, but gone before audio
Download 14 - Mates in the sunbeam audio
Download 17 - Purring when you're pleased audio
Download 18 - The voices of the earth audio
Download 19 - The Master of the harvest audio
Download 20 - The deliverer audio
Download 21 - Inferior Animals audio
Download 22 - The general thaw audio
Download 23 - The light of life audio
Download 25 - Night and Day audio
Download 27 - Imperfect Instruments audio
Download 29 - Birds in the Nest audio
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Parables From Nature is a collection of short stories which were originally published as 4 separate volumes. They are inspired from Nature and written for children. Nevertheless, Gatty uses children's literature because she knows that in doing so, she can reach a wider group of readers and point out problems from the Victorian Age. (Summary by sailormoon)

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