My Trip Abroad cover

My Trip Abroad

Charlie Chaplin (1889-1977)

1. I Decide to Play Hookey
2. Off to Europe
3. Days on Shipboard
4. Hello! England
5. I Arrive in London
6. The Haunts of My Childhood
7. A Joke and Still on the Go
8. A Memorable Night in London
9. I Meet the Immortals
10. I Meet Thomas Burke and H.G. Wells
11. Off to France
12. My Visit to Germany
13. I Fly From Paris to London
14. Farewells to Paris and London
15. Bon Voyage

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"A steak and kidney pie, influenza and a cablegram. There is the triple alliance that is responsible for the whole thing." So begins Charlie Chaplin's My Trip Abroad, a travel memoir charting the actor-director's semi-spontaneous visit to Europe. Fresh off the success of 1921's The Kid, Chaplin decides to "play hookey" after his seven year stay in Hollywood. He return to his native Europe as an international superstar, beloved by fans and hounded by reporters. The "triple alliance" of the book's opening line sends Chaplin on an whirlwind tour through Great Britain, Germany, and France -- and the results are both funny and insightful. My Trip Abroad gives us an intimate and moving portrait of a Hollywood legend. Published in the UK as My Wonderful Visit.