My Experiences as an Executioner cover

My Experiences as an Executioner

James Berry (1852-1913)

1. Introduction
2. The Executioner at Home
3. How I Became an Executioner
4. My First Execution
5. My Method of Execution - Calculations and Apparatus
6. My Method of Execution - The Proceedings
7. Other Methods of Execution
8. Two Terrible Experiences
9. How Murderers Die
10. From the Murderer's Point of View
11. On Capital Punishment
12. Hanging: From a Business Point of View
13. The Press and the Public
14. Incidents and Anecdotes - Appendix

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From 1884 until 1891, James Berry was an executioner. In this time he carried out 131 hangings. In this memoir he writes about the methods he used, and the final moments of some of those he executed.