Mary Louise (Version 2 Dramatic Reading) cover

Mary Louise (Version 2 Dramatic Reading)

L. Frank Baum (1856-1919)

1. Dramatis Personae
2. Just an Argument
3. Gran'pa Jim
4. A Surprise
5. Shifting Sands
6. Official Investigation
7. Under a Cloud
8. The Escape
9. A Friendly Foe
10. Officer O'Gorman
11. Rather Queer Indeed
12. Mary Louise Meets Irene
13. A Cheerful Comrade
14. Bub Succumbs to Force
15. A Call From Agatha Lord
16. Bub's Hobby
17. The Stolen Book
18. The Hired Girl
19. Mary Louise Grows Suspicious
20. An Artful Confession
21. Diamond Cut Diamond
22. Bad News
23. The Folks at Bigbee's
24. A Kiss from Josie
25. Facing the Truth
26. Simple Justice
27. The Letter

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    Mary Louise is a girl who lives with her mother and grandfather. Ever since she was small, every little while they have had to pack up and move. Why? What is the secret about her grandfather?



    - Mary louise

    A fun adventure story to listen to while you cross stitch!


    - Mary Louise

    Sweet little story, quite fun.


    - Mary-Louise

    Not a deep book, just a little light entertainment, well narrated.


    - Review

    This was a fun book. Quite different then his other series but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Narration was very well done.


    - Review

    I really enjoyed this book. Sevilla did a wonderful job of narrating it. Now onto the next of the series! :0)