Audiobook: Mary Louise (Version 2 Dramatic Reading)

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Mary Louise (Version 2 Dramatic Reading)

1 - Dramatis Personae


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Mary Louise is a girl who lives with her mother and grandfather. Ever since she was small, every little while they have had to pack up and move. Why? What is the secret about her grandfather? Summary by Esther ben Simonides.

Dramatis Personæ:
Narrator: MaryAnn
Jennie Allen, Hannah Conant: Rachel
Mable Westervelt: graciebelle010
Dorothy Knerr, Beatrice Burrows, Telephone Girl: April Walters
Sue Finley, Sarah Judd, Josie O'Gorman: Esther ben Simonides
Mary Louise: Adele de Pignerolles
Colonel Weatherby, James J. Hathaway: tovarisch
Uncle Eben: Oxenhandler
Secret Service Agent: Ryan Cooley
Lina Darrow, Agatha Lord: Lydia
Miss Stearne: Beth Thomas
Mr. Watson: Matthew Travers
John O'Gorman: Bill
Peter Conant: Larry Wilson
Irene MacFarlane: Kristin Gjerlow
Bill Coombs: Andrew Travers
Bub Grigger: Rupert Holliday
Nan Shelley: Vanessa Cooley

Audio Edited by: Esther ben Simonides

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