Mark Twain’s Journal Writings, Volume 2 cover

Mark Twain’s Journal Writings, Volume 2

Mark Twain (1835-1910)

1. A Curious Experience - Part 1
2. A Curious Experience - Part 2
3. The Heart of a Humorist
4. How Tom Sawyer Got His Fence Whitewashed, excerpt from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
5. Jim Smiley's Frog
6. Luck
7. A Dog's Tale
8. Lost in the Snow
9. Mark Twain on Overspeeding
10. A Medieval Romance

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This second collection of essays by Mark Twain is a good example of the diversity of subject matter about which he wrote. As with the essays in Volume 1, many first appeared alone, in magazines or newspapers, before being printed as chapters of his larger works, while others were taken from larger works and reprinted in collections of essays. On top of being prolific, Mark Twain was a very successful marketer of his works. Volume 2 contains the following works: 1.) "A Curious Experience" - 1892 2.) "The Heart of a Humorist" - 1900 3.) “How Tom Sawyer Got His Fence Whitewashed”- 1876 4.) "Jim Smiley's Frog" - 1870 5.) "Luck" - 1891 6.) “A Dog’s Tale” - 1904 7.) "Lost in the Snow" - 1888 8.) "Mark Twain on Overspeeding" - 1908 9.) "A Medieval Romance" 1907