Laughter Limited cover

Laughter Limited

Nina Wilcox Putnam (1888-1962)

1. Introduction
2. Chapter I
3. Chapter II
4. Chapter III
5. Chapter IV
6. Chapter V
7. Chapter VI
8. Chapter VII
9. Chapter VIII
10. Chapter IX
11. Chapter X
12. Chapter XI
13. Chapter XII
14. Chapter XIII
15. Chapter XIV
16. Chapter XV
17. Chapter XVI
18. Chapter XVII
19. Chapter XVIII
20. Chapter XIX
21. Chapter XX
22. Chapter XXI
23. Chapter XXII
24. Chapter XXIII
25. Chapter XXIV
26. Chapter XXV
27. Chapter XXVI
28. Chapter XXVII
29. Chapter XXVIII
30. Chapter XXIX

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    When some people write the story of their life it is a sign that they are dead. There are in the motion-picture world also a class of dead ones who allow somebody else to write their biography. Dead from the neck up, anyways. They may be alive as stars all right, but they couldn't write a continuity for the story of a custard pie. Bonnie Delane, Famous Silvermont Star, tells her own story exclusively for Closeups Magazine. The inner life of America's best-known picture actress revealed for the first time for Closeup readers.