Ja och Nej cover

Ja och Nej

Helena Nyblom

1. 01 – Ja och Nej
2. 02 – Nar granarna tandas
3. 03 – Gossen, som fick vanner pa vagen
4. 04 – Systrarna
5. 05 – Tro vad ni vill!
6. 06 – Den Minsta
7. 07 – Lilla Kisse
8. 08 – Pelle Skravlare

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Helena Nyblom (1843-1926) was born in Denmark. But in 1864 she Married University Doctor Carl Rupert Nyblom and moved to Uppsala, Sweden. Her debut as a story- and fairytale writer was in 1897, when she was 54 years old. She was a very productive and popular author around 1900 and in the early 20th Century. Alienation, lack of understanding, appreciation and sympathy, and the conflict between doing ones duty and freedom were often underlying themes of her stories. This collection of Fairy tales under the name “Ja och Nej” (Yes and No) were published in the “Barnbiliotket Saga” (Childrens Story Library) series in 1908 consisting of 8 Stories / Fairytales and are a good example of her writings.



Alldeles utmärkt, intressant berättare och ljudet är mjukt för öronen.