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Historical Newspaper Articles


1. 1784-04-26 Letter to the authors of the Journal de Paris: Daylight Savings Time
2. 1859-10-28 The Tragedy at Harper’s Ferry
3. 1861-02-18 Inauguration of the President of the Southern Confederacy
4. 1861-03-08 The Inauguration of Abraham Lincoln
5. 1865-02-01 From Washington: Abolition of Slavery
6. 1888-09-01 A Terribly Brutal Murder in Whitechapel
7. 1888-09-09 Whitechapel Startled by a Fourth Murder
8. 1888-10-01 Dismay in Whitechapel
9. 1888-10-02 London’s Awful Mystery: The Whitechapel Murderer Still Untracked
10. 1888-10-03 Another Mysterious Murder Brought to Light
11. 1888-10-05 The Whitechapel Murders
12. 1888-10-06 The Murders in London
13. 1888-11-10 The Parnell Inquiry and Another Butchery
14. 1888-11-13 Sir Charles Warren Resigns
15. 1888-11-19 The Same Tumblety: His Arrest in London not His First Experience
16. 1888-11-22 Whitechapel Again Excited
17. 1888-11-23 Something About Dr. Tumblety
18. 1910-03-22 Mark Twain is Dead at 74
19. 1910-02-22 Mark Twain (obituary)
20. 1914-07-29 Austrian Emperor to Take Command at Vienna Headquarters

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Public Domain newspaper articles in the US span a period of nearly two and a half centuries. Subjects, styles, period, publisher, and length vary greatly. This collection is a sampling of twenty such articles including one from the Journal de Paris.