Five Weeks in a Balloon cover

Five Weeks in a Balloon

Jules Verne (1828-1905)

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First published in 1863, Five Weeks in a Balloon depicts an insightful journey undertaken by a group of intrepid explorers into the partly uncharted African continent, as they aim to explore its exotic wonders. Apart from concentrating on themes including exploration, loyalty, friendship, determination, and honor, the novel also offers an endearing set of jovial characters and vivid imagery. Furthermore, the novel is the first book in Verne’s distinguished Voyages Extraordinaires series. The adventure begins when Dr. Samuel Fergusson attempts to devise a mechanism to allow him to travel across the unexplored regions of Africa, an objective that many before him have tried and failed. Dr. Fergusson continues to put forward his calculations on just how the trip is to be carried out, including details on the how the balloon filled with hydrogen would work. The journey across Africa in itself presents quite the challenge, let alone attempting the dangerous expedition on an ingenious invention never before tested. Subsequently, he sets out on the daring escapade together with his trusted servant Joe and his friend Richard Kennedy, as they aim to traverse the continent from the east to the west coast. Although much of their time is spent on observing the scenery, landscape, and general interior of Africa, the contrasting trio also falls subject to the many threats that can be expected on such a valiant trip. Consequently, the group must escape a variety of setbacks including rescuing a missionary from a sacrificial ritual, prevailing over an attack by vultures, and organizing a rescue mission for one of their own companions. In addition to offering a gripping tale of bold travel and innovative transportation, Verne also adds historical detail to the novel, as he gives detailed descriptions and references to various exploratory expeditions into Africa by notable explorers of the time including Sir Richard Burton, John Hanning Speke, and Heinrich Barth. The novel also confirms Verne’s scientific aptitude and vast imagination, as he offers plausible and thorough calculations, which set the premise for the author’s other scientifically formulated works. A piece rich in description, Five Weeks in a Balloon is a definite must-read for those who wish to experience Verne’s early contribution to the world of fiction.


Mrs Dodson

- Reader read far too fast for me.

I don't mean to be rude but unfortunately for me the reader read way too fast, with hardly any breaks for pauses or full stops. So I only got half way through Chapter 1 and got bored. My mind kept wandering. The readers voice is clear, but he just needs to slow down for me.