First Chapter Collection 004 cover

First Chapter Collection 004


1. Bleak House
2. The Code Napoleon 1804
3. Cradock Nowell
4. Emily Fox-Seton
5. Haiti, Its Dawn of Progress after Years in a Night of Revolution
6. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
7. La Letra Escarlata
8. Love Enthroned
9. The Middy and the Moors
10. The Pagan's Cup
11. Pan
12. A Study of Hawthorne
13. El Tesoro Misterioso
14. Um des Kindes Willen
15. Wieland; Or, The Transformation: An American Tale

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Librivox First Chapter Collection 004 - a collection of the first chapters of 15 different books, chosen by Librivox volunteers.This volume includes the first chapters of books by authors such as Charles Dickens, R. D. Blackmore, and Frances Hodgson Burnett, as well as a Spanish translation of The Scarlet Letter, the Code Napoleon, and much more!