Fame and Fortune Weekly No. 1 cover

#1 - Ch 1 The Wolf at the Door

Fame and Fortune Weekly No. 1

Download Ch 1 The Wolf at the Door audio
Download Ch 2 In which Jack Hazzard Makes a Hero of Himself audio
Download Ch 3 In which Jack Gets a Job in Wall Street audio
Download Ch 4 How Jack Proposes to Raise the Rent Money audio
Download Ch 5 How Jack Adds another Feather to His Cap audio
Download Ch 6 What Jack Picked up on Wall Street audio
Download Ch 7 In which Jack Restores the Oblong Yellow Envelope and its Contents to its Owner audio
Download Ch 8 A Derelict of Wall Street audio
Download Ch 9 Jack's First Investment audio
Download Ch 10 How Jack Acquired Inside Information audio
Download Ch 11 The Greatest Scare of His Life audio
Download Ch 12 The Dude and the Violets audio
Download Ch 13 Silas Hockins, from Avalanch, NJ audio
Download Ch 14 A Pointer - Worth What? audio
Download Ch 15 In the Grasp of the Market audio
Download Ch 16 Playing for a High Stake audio
Download Ch 17 The Gopher Mining Company Turns up a Trump audio
Download Ch 18 A Lucky Deal audio
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A Lucky Deal is a story of a young New York lad who, in the process of looking for a job, becomes a hero and lands a dream job as a messenger boy in Wall Street. This gives him access to people and information that he can use constructively to build himself up. Along the way, he has a powerful, saving influence on many of those around him. (Summary by Keith Salis)

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