Extracts from The New and Complete Newgate Calendar cover

Extracts from The New and Complete Newgate Calendar

William Jackson

1. 01 – Michael & Catherine van Berghen and Gerard Dromelius, Rev. Thomas Hunter
2. 02 – Captain John Kidd, Henry Strodtman
3. 03 – Mary Adams, John Peter Dramatti, John Smith, Deborah Churchill, Daniel Damaree & George Purchase
4. 04 – Richard Thornhill, Elizabeth Mason, Richard Town, Richard Noble
5. 05 – Particulars respecting the Lords and other persons who were tried on account of the rebellion in the year 1715.
6. 06 – John Hamilton, Edward Bird, Catherine Jones, William Spiggot & Thomas Phillips, John Meff, Nathaniel Hawes
7. 07 – Arundel Cooke & John Woodburne, John Hawkins & George Simpson, Margaret Fisher
8. 08 – Richard Oaky, John Levee & Matthew Flood, Alexander Day, William Hawksworth, Thomas Athoe sr.& jr,
9. 09 – Captain John Massy, Philip Roche, William Duce & James Butler, Humphrey Angier, the Waltham Blacks
10. 10 – John Stanley, Stephen Gardener, Francis Brightwell, & Benjamin Brightwell
11. 11 – Joseph Blake, otherwise Blueskin, John (Jack) Sheppard

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Volume One of the New and Complete Newgate Calendar, covering the years 1700 through 1723, relates stories of British trials, the persons accused and the crimes committed. It is primarily based upon contemporary newspaper and pamphlet accounts of these trials. Where the criminal is particularly well known, such as the highwayman, burglar and escape artist Jack Sheppard, other sources were used as well. The readings used here are selected to illustrate different aspects of the eighteenth century criminal world and the British legal system.