Collected Public Domain Poems of Wallace Stevens, Volume 2 cover

Collected Public Domain Poems of Wallace Stevens, Volume 2

Wallace Stevens (1879-1955)

1. Architecture for the Adoration of Beauty
2. Ballade of the Pink Parasol
3. Colloquy with a Polish Aunt
4. Cy est Pourtraicte, Madame Ste Ursule, et Les Unze Mille Vierges
5. The Doctor of Geneva
6. Fabliau of Florida
7. A High-toned Old Christian Woman
8. Homunculus et la Belle Etoile
9. Inscription for a Monument
10. ''Lettres d'un Soldat'' I - IX
11. Lulu Morose
12. The Man Whose Pharynx Was Bad
13. Metaphors of a Magnifico
14. Moment of Light
15. Le Monocle de Mon Oncle
16. Nuances of a Theme by Williams
17. Of Heaven, Considered as a Tomb
18. Of the Surface of Things
19. On the Manner of Addressing Clouds
20. The Ordinary Women
21. Palace of the Babies
22. Peter Parasol
23. The Plot against the Giant
24. Primordia
25. Quatrain 'Go not, young cloud'
26. The Silver Plough-boy
27. Six Significant Landscapes
28. Song 'Ah, yes! beyond these barren walls'
29. Song 'She loves me or loves me not'
30. Sonnet 'Come, said the world'
31. Sonnet 'If we are leaves that fall'
32. Sonnet 'I strode along my beaches…'
33. Sonnet 'Lo, even as I passed'
34. Sonnet 'There shines the morning star'
35. Stars at Tallapoosa
36. Street Songs
37. Sunday Morning
38. Tea at the Palaz of Hoon
39. To the Morn
40. To the One of Fictive Music
41. Vita mea
42. The Weeping Burgher
43. The Worms at Heaven's Gate

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    A collection of Wallace Stevens poems written before 1923.These poems originally appeared in a variety of magazines (Others, Rogue, The Soil, The Modern School, Broom, Contact, The New Republic, The Measure, The Little Review, The Dial, and particularly in Poetry: A Magazine of Verse.) Nearly 70 of the 101 published poems were later collected in Stevens' first published collection of poems, Harmonium. Proof-listening by Winston Tharp, Hanna1990 and Ruth Golding. Volume 1 of this collection may be found at