Christmas Short Works Collection 2014 cover

Christmas Short Works Collection 2014


1. Christmas Eve At Topmast Tickle
2. Selected Verses from the Gospel According to Luke
3. Weihnachtsabend
4. On Christmas Day in the Morning
5. On Christmas Day in the Evening
6. Asaph Sheafe's Christmas
7. What Christmas Is As We Grow Older
8. Tomten
9. The Open Christmas Letter, from Jus Suffragii, IWSA journal, Jan. 1915, signed by 100+ leading suffragettes and politically involved women of Manchester
10. The Fire at Ross's Farm
11. Christmas Crackers
12. Selected Verses from the Gospel According to Matthew
13. Christmas Day
14. Christ
15. A Christmas Fog
16. Signs of Christmas
17. 'Le ciaramelle', from Canti di Castelvecchio
18. Alice's Christmas Tree
19. Christmas On Wheels
20. A Soldier's Christmas
21. Christmas Every Day
22. Ceremonies for Christmas
23. La Charlotte prie Notre-Dame le soir du Réveillon
24. Ballade of Christmas Ghosts
25. A Christmas Carol
26. Christmas Eve - A Lull in Hate - Briton Cum Boche, from Bullets and Billets (1916)
27. Koleden dar (Коледен дар)
28. The Christmas Trail
29. The Gift of the Magi
30. Jest 'Fore Christmas
31. The Christmas Dinner
32. Del presepio ch'ei fece nel dì del Natale del Signor", Cap. 30 della Vita prima di S. Francesco d'Assisi
33. Keeping Christmas
34. Twelve Poems, selected from Christmas in Poetry, Carols and Poems
35. To an Old Fogey
36. Christmas Omnipresent
37. Weihnachten
38. Christmas Trees
39. Neath Mistletoe

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This year's Christmas collection of short stories and non-fiction, a play, poems, and bible readings features readings in English, Bulgarian, French, German, Italian and Swedish.