Child Life in Colonial Days cover

Child Life in Colonial Days

Alice Morse Earle (1851-1911)

1. Dedication and Foreword
2. Babyhood
3. Children's Dress
4. Schools and School Life
5. Women Teachers and Girl Scholars
6. Hornbook and Primer
7. School-books
8. Penmanship and Letters
9. Diaries and Commonplace Books
10. Childish Precocity
11. Oldtime Discipline
12. Manners and Courtesy
13. Religious Thought and Training
14. Religious Books
15. Story and Picture Books
16. Children's Diligence
17. Needlecraft and Decorative Arts
18. Games and Pastimes
19. Children's Toys
20. Flower Lore of Children

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The accounts of oldtime child life gathered for this book are wholly unconscious and full of honesty and simplicity, not only from the attitude of the child, but from that of his parents, guardians, and friends. The records have been made from affectionate interest, not from scientific interest; no profound search has been made for motives or significance, but the proof they give of tenderness and affection in the family are beautiful to read and to know.