Bobby in Search of a Birthday cover

Bobby in Search of a Birthday

Lebbeus Mitchell (1879-1963)

1. Once When Bobby Wasn't Left Behind
2. The Boy With Eight Birthdays
3. Hunting for the Thing You Mustn't Think About
4. The Lady Who Likes Little Boys
5. The Man With the Pocketful of Quarters Reappears
6. The Borrowed Birthday
7. "All the Perquisites Pertaining Thereto"
8. "Fathers and Mothers and Things Like That"

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    The sweet story of a five year old boy named Bobby, who is an orphan. When Bobby learns that other children have birthdays, he goes hunting to find his. Go with him and meet the Man with the Pocketful of Quarters and the Lady who Likes Little Boys and learn how he finds his birthdays and a family besides!