Blackfeet Tales of Glacier National Park cover

Blackfeet Tales of Glacier National Park

James W. Schultz (1859-1947)

1. Two Medicine - Hugh Monroe
2. The Woman Who Earned A Man's Name
3. The Story Of The Thunder Medicine
4. Pu-nak'-ik-si (Cutbank)
5. How Mountain Chief Found His Horses
6. White Fur And His Beaver Clan
7. The Story Of The Bad Wife
8. Old Man And The Woman
9. Ki-nuk'-si Is-si-sak'-ta (Little River)
10. Old Man And The Wolves
11. New Robe, The Rescuer
12. Puht-o-muk-si-kim-iks (The Lakes Inside): St. Mary's Lake
13. The Story Of The First Horses
14. One Horn, Shamer Of Crows
15. The Elk Medicine Ceremony
16. Na-wak'-o-sis (The Story Of Tobacco)
17. Iks-i'-kwo-yi-a-tuk-tai (Swift Current River)
18. The Jealous Women
19. Ni-na Us-tak-wi (Chief Mountain)
20. The Wise Man

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James Willard Schultz, or Apikuni, (1859 – 1947) was a noted author, explorer, Glacier National Park guide, fur trader and historian of the Blackfoot Indians. Schultz is most noted for his prolific stories about Blackfoot life and his contributions to the naming of prominent features in Glacier National Park.