Bed Time Stories for Aidan Christopher cover

Bed Time Stories for Aidan Christopher


1. Introduction
2. The Old Rocking-Horse
3. The Jumblies
4. The Water Lily’s Mission
5. Les Ballons
6. The Great Spirit
7. The Owl and The Pussy Cat
8. Frere Jacques Are you sleeping
9. The Wind and The Sun
10. Winkin Blinkin and Nod
11. Block City and The Land of Storybooks
12. The Badger and the Bear
13. Pussy-cat Mew
14. Northumberland Yesterday and To-day

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Bed Time Stories is a collection of 14 short stories especially for young children.



- Bed Time Stories for Aidan Christopher

Loved these stories. Stories for children that provoke their imagination and ones they will remember years on.

- Proceed with caution

We had the podcast and had the feed running with new stories that updated. Tried this tonight for the first time. The story of the old rocking horse made our daughter sob afterwards- along with the water lily one too- please review these stories carefully before letting children listen as the original versions are happier endings- the versions of these two stories are not appropriate for bedtime, especially for kids. Please note.. these two stories have sad endings and break children's hearts... I deleted this app afterwards, not the best choice for parents opting to soothe children to sleep with stories.