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#1 - Act 1

Beaux Stratagem

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Two gentlemen of broken fortune, disguised as master and servant, and thinking that a good dowry split both ways would solve their problems; some cludgy highwaymen and their confederates; foxy inn-keeper and saucy daughter; a country home with a drunken squire and his long suffering wife, medicine-practicing Lady, and beautiful daughter. What could possibly go wrong? (Summary by ToddHW)

Thomas Aimwell: Chris Cartwright
Francis Archer: engineerdst
Count Bellair: Patrick Wallace
Squire Sullen: Alan Mapstone
Sir Charles Freeman/Countryman: Nick Bulka
Foigard: russellhughes
Gibbet: bala
Hounslow/Bagshot: Todd
Boniface: Denny Sayers
Scrub: Ray Kasper
Lady Bountiful: Victoria P
Mrs. Sullen: Elizabeth Klett
Dorinda: Amanda Friday
Gipsy/Servant: Maria Kasper
Cherry: Libby Gohn
Countrywoman: Maryanka
Narrator: Katy Fossil

Audio edited by Todd

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