Irishman's difficulties with the Dutch language cover

Irishman's difficulties with the Dutch language

Cuey-na-Gael (1858-1937)

1. Chapter I - O'Neill's Great Plans
2. Chapter II - Grammar and Phrase Book
3. Chapter III - The Recitations in the Wood
4. Chapter IV - The Purchase of the Pens
5. Chapter V - Local Colour
6. Chapter VI - A Wash-List in Dutch
7. Chapter VII - Some Misunderstandings
8. Chapter VIII - Out for a Walk
9. Chapter IX - The Quest of Mijnheer Hiernaast
10. Chapter X - The Parcel Post
11. Chapter XI - A Succesful Interview
12. Chapter XII - Dutch Correspondence
13. Chapter XIII - Where did O'Neill's Dutch come from?
14. Chapter XIV - Some Characteristics of the Compendious Guide to Dutch
15. Chapter XV - How O'Neill learnt to pronounce
16. Chapter XVI - An Interlude and an Application
17. Chapter XVII - The Wegwijzer on Dutch Syntax
18. Chapter XVIII - The Grammatical Caress
19. Chapter XIX - A Gossipy Letter
20. Chapter XX - The Surprises of the Maas
21. Chapter XXI - The Thunderstorm
22. Chapter XXII - The Devoted Nurse
23. Chapter XXIII - Gossip and Diplomacy
24. Chapter XXIV - A Study in Character
25. Chapter XXV - Belet!
26. Chapter XXVI - The Day-Train
27. Chapter XXVII - Supper at a Boerderij & Epilogue

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Jack O'Neill, an Irishman, has just returned from a month's holiday in The Netherlands. Before he left, he had boasted to his friends that he would learn the Dutch language within a fortnight. On his return, he has to admit that it wasn't quite that easy... He tells his friends stories about his clumsy attempts to speak Dutch, leading to many funny scenes.This audiobook contains both "An Irishman's difficulties with the Dutch language" and its sequel "Jack O'Neill's further adventures in Holland".N.B. Audiobook read by native Dutch woman, so there is no Irish accent of the English language bits, and the Dutch is done in native Dutch pronunciation (except where the text asks for mispronunciation).